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PhysioNovo is also addressed to trainers of sports clubs as well as fitness and personal trainers.
They have the important task of properly guiding their clients in their quest for a strong and healthy body. In the event of an injury, the trainer must be able to assess whether further training is justified, and if so, how that training should be designed. And if not, how to determine when and how to restart training.  

A correct understanding of the close neurological relationship between muscles and joints creates a completely different understanding of different forms of training.

Discover how, as a trainer, you can use physiological and mental aspects and perform strength training safely and optimally, how you can optimally coordinate joint mobilization and muscle stretching, and how you can use the PhysioNovo principle when using the equipment. This allows you to design training that is highly intensive but tailored to the individual athlete, has extremely low injury risk, and can effectively reduce existing back or joint pain.