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According to science, there is no specificity for exercise, i.e. for most of the

current exercise therapy it is unclear to what extent it is really effective.


PhysioNovo, therefore, strives to develop a training concept for sport and

rehabilitation that is in line with the state of science and practice, i.e. that

really matters.


  • uses the scientifically based nociceptive model to explain pain for clear diagnostics;
  • bases the diagnosis and treatment of non-specific back pain on the integral motor functions of the spine and the hip and shoulder joints; 
  • provides knowledge of the mechanism of loading of the hip, shoulder, and vertebral joints during different movements - compressive vs. shearing forces;
  • provides practical skills to improve the hip and shoulder joint load capacity in both open and closed movement chains by...
  • ...restoring the local motor function of the shoulder and hip joint in combination with correcting the statics of the spine (global motor function);
  • bases (long-term) motor rehabilitation on the principles of motor learning;
  • integrates the regained motor skills of the hip and shoulder into the functional activities of the arm and leg such as reaching and walking/running,
  • ... which ultimately leads to a harmonious and aesthetic motor function with less pain and more pleasure in movement and sport.