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"Whoever does not spend something on his health every day will one day have to sacrifice a lot of time for illness" - Sebastian Kneipp (naturopath)

We spend a large part of the day at work. Why not spend something on health while we are at work? Especially because (according to Statista 2019) diseases of the musculoskeletal system are most frequently represented in reports of incapacity to work. 
Health management is a double-edged sword. Because not only employees benefit from health promotion. Healthy employees are more productive and less sick, which affects the company's overall performance. And who wouldn't want to work in a "healthy" company?

With behavioral measures, you strengthen the competencies of your employees with regard to their own health. Of course, you can promote this with gymnastics courses or the company gym. But you can also integrate gymnastic exercises into the work process. Together with an ergonomic design of the workplace, economic and effective measures can be taken to effectively counteract occupational back problems.
The PhysioNovo training principle is ideally suited for the implementation of behavior-related measures in the workplace.

In accordance with scientific literature, PhysioNovo offers solutions by providing insight into how certain movements and postures stress the hip and shoulder joints and the spine. And subsequently to provide insight into how and which exercises, in combination with ergonomic workplace design, can improve the resilience of these joints and effectively reduce pain. 
Experience has shown that posture correction alone is not enough to reduce pain in the long term. Because it is very difficult to maintain a "good" posture, if at all. Taking small movement breaks regularly is much more effective to do simple but targeted exercises for the WS and hip or shoulder joints.