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... Paul Geraedts, Bsc. biology, physiotherapist, with post-graduate qualifications in manual therapy, children's physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy and neurological rehabilitation. From 1996 to 2017, I was workplace trainer for the Hogeschool Zuyd (university of applied sciences) in Heerlen (NL). 

After several years experience in the field, in 1988 I started my own (sport) physiotherapy practice in Alsdorf, near Aachen in Germany. There I devoted my entire career to providing medical therapeutic exercise, an area of physiotherapy that gave me great inspiration. 

Based on the extensive knowledge of biomechanical and neuromuscular properties of joints built up over many years of practice and (self-)study, I have developed a new motor-control-based concept for the diagnostics and treatment of back pain

After more than 30 enjoyable and successful years, I decided to hand over the practice to a close colleague. My ambition now is to share the experience and expertise of this medical exercise concept built up over the years with others, such as (new) physiotherapists, kinesitherapists (B), ergotherpists, Mensendieck/Cesar Therapists (NL), sports teachers, fitness coaches and doctors. Since March 2018, I have been registered in the Netherlands with the CRKBO as a self-employed vocational training instructor. My new company is called


(www.physionovo.com, info@physionovo.com) 

which is based in Heerlen (NL).

The anatomical and physiological backgrounds to this concept have been described in two of my books: 
Physiotherapeutisches Training bei Rückenschmerzen; motorische Befunderhebung und Behandlung, a German-language manual published by scientific publisher Springer Nature in June 2018 (https://www.springer.com/de/book/9783662560853/),
Motorische Entwicklung und Steuerung – Eine Einführung für Physiotherapeuten, Ergotherapeuten und Trainer, published in october 2019 by the same publisher. 


PhysioNovo is an innovative training method, in which the load capacity and motorics of joints are central. This method is well applicable within sports as well as rehabilitation and both curatively and preventively.

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