PhysioNovo - Train More Effectively For Back And Neck Pain - A clinically rational motor approach

Not only in the Netherlands, musculoskeletal disorders still lead to the most years of life with restrictions and a high burden of disease despite intensive and extensive medical and paramedical interventions. Although there is general consensus on the positive effects of physical activity and exercise, there is no specificity for exercise according to international guidelines: It doesn't matter how you move, as long as you move. Apparently, the existing theoretical framework focusing on the spine does not give clear direction to the process of unambiguous diagnosis and effective rehabilitation management.

As more and more recent scientific studies show a clear link between the motor dysfunctions of the hip and shoulder joints and back and neck pain, PhysioNovo focuses on the motoric aspects of the hip and shoulder joints and their motoric interaction with the spine.

In combination with the scientifically established biomechanical properties of the peripheral nervous system and the capsular ligament of the musculoskeletal system, a renewed understanding of the origins of back pain is created. Based on clinical reasoning, this approach offers the therapist/trainer concrete possibilities for designing individually tailored specific exercise programmes to combat non-specific chronic back pain more effectively and durably.