PhysioNovo - The new concept of medical exercise

A motor approach to back pain based on clinical reasoning

Both national and international guidelines confirm that daily activity, along with exercise treatment, has the highest benefit in alleviating skeletal complaints. There is said to be no specificity to exercise. It doesn't matter how you move as long as you move.

This is disappointing for the large number of exercise treatment methods that differ only in nuance. None of these methods has really been proven as medical training to permanently relieve back pain and improve functional limitations.

The traditional biomedical model of disease is predominantly based on radiological diagnosis. This proves to be insufficiently suitable for the diagnosis and treatment of a-specific back pain. Clear clinical criteria are missing and biomechanical, scientifically proven facts concerning the spine, joints and nerve fibers are insufficiently recognized.

Diagnoses such as hernias, disc prolapse, spinal stenosis, facet syndromes, nerve entrapment and nerve irritation suggest that the clinical picture with its causes should be adjusted to match the radiological findings.

The limited value of radiological diagnosis in non-specific back pain is reason enough to look at back pain from a different angle.

For example, science has irrefutably demonstrated close correlations between back pain and dysfunction of the shoulder and hip joints.

A motor approach to back pain is therefore obvious and entirely legitimate.

PhysioNovo therefore considers back pain as an indirect consequence of motor dysfunctions of the shoulder and hip joints.

Radiating complaints in an arm or leg are direct consequences of a joint that is not functioning optimally.

Only a well-founded qualitative and quantitative motor assessment, which remains true to the scientific biomechanical properties of the musculoskeletal system, reveals the connection between dysfunctions of the shoulder and hip joints and the painful spine. Together with clinical reasoning, this is the only way to formulate real treatment goals.

PhysioNovo is unique in its view and approach and has been empirically proven through years of practice.