PhysioNovo - "back pain is joint pain"

There are a large number of medical exercise concepts to treat back problems. However, scientific research into their effectiveness disappoints: no concept whatsoever has so far convinced as an effective method to permanently reduce back pain and improve daily functioning.

Both national and international guidelines show that daily physical activity is of the highest value to effectively combat back problems. According to these guidelines, there is no specificity for movement: it doesn't matter how you move, as long as you move.

Surgical interventions as an option to treat chronic back pain are also greatly overestimated.
After 2 to 4 years, in about 90% of cases, these do not appear to be more effective than exercise therapy. In the longer term, also given the risks associated with surgery, targeted exercise therapy may be the most effective strategy for people with chronic back pain. This is all the more true when a good diagnostic basis for exercise therapy can be found.

Science has shown close links between back pain and dysfunction of shoulder or hip joints. A causal relationship has not yet been established because double-blind, patient-controlled studies are subject to confounding: occasionally other factors may also play a role. for this very reason clinical consideration and assessment of findings remain important for correct diagnosis.

Yet all exercise concepts focus on the spine with its intervertebral discs and the resulting nerves as causative agents of back pain, a possible explanation for their poor effectiveness.

PhysioNovo on the other hand recognizes and confirms this connection and seeks the cause of back complaints in motor disorders of the shoulder or hip joints. Due to motor compensation mechanisms, already minor functional disorders can indirectly lead to a (too) high load on the vertebral and ilio-sacral capsule and band apparatus, resulting in back pain. Radiating complaints in arms or legs are direct consequences of malfunctioning joints.

PhysioNovo therefore focuses specifically on the targeted improvement of dynamic joint motor skills and on static motor skills of the spine.

PhysioNovo is unique in its vision and approach and has proven itself empirically through years of practical testing.