PhysioNovo - The new concept of medical exercise

A clinically rational motor approach to back pain

Both national and international guidelines confirm the positive effect of physical activityand exercise therapy in reducing back pain. Yet, according to these guidelines, there is no specificity for exercise: It doesn't matter how you move as long as you move.

All exercise therapy concepts essentially focus on the spine. Despite the positive short-term effects of this "one-size-fits-all" principle, the high prevalence of back pain and its significant long-term consequences have not been sustainably reduced.  

The question remains which patients benefit from which exercises in order to reduce non-specific chronic back pain faster and more sustainably.

One possible explanation for the lack of specific exercise therapy may be that mainstream medical thinking is not able to define non-specific chronic back pain in individual patients more precisely.

Reason enough to look at back pain from a different, motoric perspective.

For example, several scientists have demonstrated an irrefutable clinical link between back pain and motor dysfunctions of the shoulder and hip joints. A specific motor approach to back pain based on motor dysfunctions of large joints is therefore obvious and may lead to a better understanding of the origin of back pain.

PhysioNovo recognises the significance of the articular - neurological system for both active joint stability and related motor control of the spine. Only a sound qualitative and quantitative motor assessment, which remains true to the scientific biomechanical properties of the musculoskeletal system, reveals this relationship. Together with clinical reasoning, real long-term physiotherapy treatment goals can be formulated in this way.

"(back) pain could be the result of joint malfunction". 

PhysioNovo is a specific training principle that improves the motor functions of the hip- and shoulderjoint and combines them with the motor functions of the spine. This motor principle can be easily integrated into any existing training programme and can be used at all levels of sport and rehabilitation. Furthermore, PhysioNovo is medically underpinned and based on clinical reasoning.

PhysioNovo always focuses on the patient's interest and relativises the rationally set treatment goals in order to be able to meet the patient's individual question of help.

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